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Kamis, 30 Desember 2010


Tips for Selecting a Campus of Good and Not Troubled later University of Phoenix Online
1. Find info from Family, Friends, and Friends who lecture on campus that you want or maybe that's recommended by people - the people closest to you
2. Find Info From alumni who recently graduated from college so that you get fresh information what else can you meet the Active Alumni during the college there because you certainly will get the information plus plus where not only the best are given out as well that quickly - too bad but it depends on your smart - smart way hehe
3. Ask The curriculum kepda people - people who are new to college there at the registration
4. If there is a work placement, Ask the Alumni who have It runs from the job placement of the campus or alumni who is still an apprentice so you can find out the reason why in the work place there because a lot of campus organizations who work to place of origin - at random, from work, home already channeled drowsy or sleepy care deviated from the curriculum connects college / department program

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