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Rabu, 17 November 2010


Free Credit Score Borrow motifs in different communities. There are people who borrow capital to start a business. There are also people who borrowed for home renovations, buy new cars, buy computers and so forth. The difference is that last motif makes the bank and then create a wide range of loan products. Each product is created to fulfill different purposes. Basically, there are three kinds of credit products. Namely:

1. Business Loan
2. Consumer Credit
3. Multipurpose Loan

Business Loans are loans used to finance the business or the business cycle which can lead to something productive, such as trade, domestic industry, business consulting services, and deodorized. If you have a business that its prospects look bright enough, you can come to the bank and apply for loans can get funding for your business.
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Meanwhile, Consumer Loans are loans used to buy things that are consumptive, such as buying a home or private vehicle. Two consumer credit which is usually quite popular mortgage (mortgages) and Auto Loans. Of course, because that money will be used by customers for the purpose of consumption, the risk for the bank that customers can not afford to repay the loan will be larger so that in general the interest rate charged to customers for consumption credit would be greater than the mortgage interest for purposes of business.

Besides the two types of loans before, there is also a Multipurpose Loan. As written in his name, Multipurpose Loan is a loan that could be used for any purpose can be used for consumption or for business. Well, one of the versatile loan products are often marketed Loan. Collateral is another name of security. Lo, do not borrow money from banks usually have to use the warranty?
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