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Jumat, 14 Agustus 2009

My spectacles

The spectacles $ 8 Rx eyeglasses although we with eyes glasses continued but the health of his eyes was not maintained… Yes was just the same backward will continue to improve. However not will be as fast as the backward increase if we in no way with the spectacles…

The problem of the headache if using eyes glasses possibly his lens of eyes glasses ga in accordance with backward our eyes. Or because of being not yet used to it used
spectacles… the eyes will need the adjustment also …. Zenni Optical ounce the TV!!!

if indeed ga comfortable with eyes glasses will have High Five to Zenni Optical.. Despite ga too much was recommended because backward the eyes that were not too high still appropriate with eyes glasses and must be really sterile if with contact the lens to ga the irritation happened.

when shopping for glasses for your children this back to school season...
-Do you have children who wear prescription glasses? Do they typically break or get lost?
-How much do you typically spend on glasses for your children?
-Wouldn't it be nice to be able to afford new fashionable glasses for your children?

There were many better choices would? Why must choose that must have been or not?

2 komentar:

Tricia mengatakan...

I think that parents go nuts sometimes. Buying expensive designer glasses is one those times.

eyeoptix mengatakan...

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