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Rabu, 06 Agustus 2008

Your Photos Should Have a Theme

Stick To Your Theme

"I think I'll choose a Pepsi," the lady says in front of the vending machine.

Out comes the soft drink can of her choice.

She makes a choice based on preference (or need) and makes payment for it. Vertical marketing works much in the same way. If you were to open the interior of the machine, you would find that the soft drink cans are all lined up in a vertical row. All soft drinks of one selection are slotted into one vertical column, ready for dispensing.

There's no crossover. The cans must be lined up in the same dispensing vertical row, or they will deliver a wrong selection to the customer.

If you were the serviceman and haphazardly placed the cans in the machine in random positions, the results would be chaotic and unsatisfactory to customers.


Most beginning stock photographers make the mistake of building a stock file in random fashion, with no focussed marketing themes. Their picture-taking choices are "all across the board."

Because any one photobuyer's publication appeals to a vertical market (gardeners, pilots, medical technicians, teachers, etc.) photobuyers turn to vendors who can supply them pictures within those specialty areas. They can't afford to waste time on a vendor who does not offer an extensive selection of the product in the vertical market they need.


If the customer at the vending machine is served up a soft drink that doesn't fit their choice, they become irritated and pound on the machine and demand a return of their money. "This is not what I wanted!"

The soft drink they received may be of excellent taste and quality, but it doesn't match their needs. This realization may help to assuage your disappointment when a photobuyer rejects your submission of excellent pictures. The pictures may be of high quality, but you are vending them to the wrong buyer.

Stay within the vertical markets that you enjoy photographing in, and match with markets who need photos in those subject areas. At this moment, buyers are searching for you. Don't waste film or time on picture-taking that doesn't fit into your vertical market areas.

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