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Senin, 11 Agustus 2008

Your Photographs Can Make a Calendar

If you are thinking of making a calendar of your images then there are two main ways: do it yourself or use and online service.

If you are doing it yourself, don't forget the hidden costs of paper, printer ink, the software (might be supplied with our operating system) and of course your time and frustration! It doesn't always go as smoothly as you might think and there can be a good deal of wastage.

Software can be cheap but the options and quality might not be what you want, especially if you are giving the calendar as a gift. The more expensive versions are worth it if you want a good dependable, flexible product. You might be able to get a free trial although this might have limitations attached.

If you use an online source then you can expect a quick turnaround, a good quality product, less hassle and frustrations and some sort of guarantee.

Consider what sort of calendar you want - do you want an image on each page, good resolution, additional text or messages? Most online companies will help you through this process and have support teams to guide you. This is what you pay for and is worth it if you wish your recipients to have top quality gifts.

If you try a do-it yourself approach then those that receive your gift will, I am sure, welcome the effort and time you have put in to making the gift.

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