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Senin, 21 Juli 2008

Optic Lens

The spectacles that often was encountered by us in the spectacles shop almost all still take the form of frame or his framework, so did not yet have the lens or his measurement, because must in adapted with the spectacles recipe from results of the grating refrakasi by RO or the Ophthalmologist.
For his lens necessary in pay attention to about various matters Along with
The SPECTACLES LENS that Good Had 3 basic elements:
1. Results of the acuteness The sight was needed: the material, design and the lens coating that goods
2. The cosmetic Lens aspect was seen thin and Clear
3. The user of the Lens comfort light and did not have the distortion

To reach 3 elements, then the lens could be seen in 2 matters, that is:
• Parameter Optic, covered:
A. The Bias index (n)
Was the comparison between the speed of the light
Space empty and the speed of the light to the certain media. N = C/V

If the light came to go through 2 different medias his ray index, then the REFRACTION will happen/REFRAKSI, and a small part will be reflected.
It was increasingly big that the difference of the ray index between the two medias, increasingly big the Corner of his reflection and persentasi the light that was reflected. The ray index berbanding was inside out thickly middle the lens. So increasingly high the ray index of a lens, then increasingly thin this lens could be made.

B. The Dispersif power
The material optis that reflected the purple colour until merah with the corner – the corner that often was different, was mentioned:
The material that had the DISPERSIF Big STRENGTH (thought ABBE SMALL).

Resulting from that was produced from the analysis of the colour of this light was the existence of the WARNA. ABERRATION, that was influential towards the OBJECT acuteness.

The COLOUR ABERRATION was the FUNCTION was inside out from the ABBE VALUE.

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