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Senin, 28 April 2008

"I Don't Know What To Photograph - Help!"

Don??t worry! This is a common feeling. It usually arises when people feel under pressure to produce something that is either original or approaches perfection. Neither of these issues should be your concern.
Photography is all about enjoyment. The moment you start feeling under pressure to produce certain images is the time that you stop enjoying photography.
There are so many things to take digital images of. Have a good look around you. What are your specific interests? Do you like landscapes, action, portraits, nature? Have a look at some of the ideas that others have had ?? either online or in magazines ?? most of them are simple subjects.
Don??t be put off by the quality of the work of others though. Most of us take simple, straightforward pictures that give us enjoyment and pleasure. Try and develop a particular interest and just take pictures of whatever you see that complements that topic. By looking at your images, or even sharing them, you will develop a critique of your own work which will spur you on to take better photographs.
Try to take simple images, perhaps concentrating on one technique ?? such as depth of field. Think about composition and about seeing familiar features in a different way. Keep looking because those images are everywhere.
There is always something to take photographs of. You should be limited only by your imagination ?? not by the pressures you may feel from others.

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