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Senin, 28 April 2008

10 Reasons to Own, and Use, a Lens Cap

Have you ever wondered what use is a lens cap? It is often made of plastic, it is fiddly to use and often gets lost. Yet the humble cap should be seen as an essential part of your armamentarium. Here's 10 reasons why:
1. It protects your lens from scratches - remember the golden rule, if anything can scratch your lens it will
2. It protects your lens from accidental knocks - a camera round the neck is always prone to the odd knock or two
3. It protects your lens from dirt - your lens is not excluded from the effects of daily muck and grime
4. It protects your lens from sticky fingers - yours, children's and anyone else that wants to admire your equipment
5. It protects your lens from water - rain water, splashes
6. It is cheap - great value for money!
7. It is lightweight and easily portable - you won't notice you've got it, unlike your tripod
8. It fits easily in your pocket when not needed - unobtrusive when not in use
9. It is easy to attach and remove - push on, pull off
10. It shows you care about your equipment and your photography - always protect your equipment
Can you afford not to use one?
Eric Hartwell is an experienced photographer and owner of the photography resource website ephotocentral.

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